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The need to democratise savings, investing and the understanding of financial matters in the Financial Services Industry has never been greater. There are over 16 million people stranded from financial advice in a time when simple financial solutions can be provided online, at low cost and with the minimum of human intervention.

More emphasis needs to be placed on a better use of technology; helping people manage expenditure as much as their investments and all contained within an easy to use and highly compelling customer experience.

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"Financial worries can easily end up being all consuming but they don't need to be"

Money Advice Service

How Sentinel Partnership can help your business

Sentinel addresses these hard to read and often overlooked customers by working in partnership with well-known trusted brands, employers, wellness programmes, affiliate groups and with IFA /advisory firms that want to service their entire customer base.

We are particularly focussed on an individual's financial wellbeing. A recent global survey indicates that over 50% of people are stressed about their finances and this is emerging as a key factor in an individual's overall wellbeing. This has major repercussions for corporate productivity/profits, it costs the public sector, such as the NHS, billions of pounds each year and individually people are not making the right financial decisions.

Today's challenges

"Improve client experience through digital capabilities - Building a Better Working World"

Ernst & Young Global Ltd

A comprehensive digital servicing model

Sentinel have taken the best of what financial services can offer. We provide a straightforward online account where an individual can add and view all their affairs in one place. We have combined the benefits of price comparison sites; whilst giving access to the latest online advice, 'robo' solutions; provided ongoing education and knowledge and all delivered in a modern and intuitive style. Access is provided via an easy to use but highly secure online system accessible across all devices.

Does your business face any of these challenges today?

"Technology and the internet have combined to revolutionise how a large proportion of the world's population interacts, communicates and behaves"

Investing in the Future -
KPMG 2014

We've been studying the way "digital" has been evolving over the last few years, in both the UK and other markets, and have carefully created best-in-class modules that can deliver a future proofed digital servicing strategy, tailored for your business needs.

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You recognize the opportunities and threats posed by technology but don't know how to react...

That's exactly the segment of clients that our proposition has been developed to address. We can also help you to enhance the servicing model and value proposition that you provide to your core clients. We enable you to provide your service to a wider client base.

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You are concerned about the costs of managing clients with lower asset values...

The Sentinel team is made up of specialists with many years of relevant market experience covering technology, platforms, distribution, investment management, banking and digital marketing. We provide you with access to this knowledgebase, and we become part of your team as an extension of your own existing resources.

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You don't have the internal resources to take advantage of the value that obviously exists in your wider client base...

Our solution provides you with a multi-channel servicing capability, which is complementary to a traditional face-to-face model. What's more we have created a modular solution so it can be tailored for your business and your clients' needs.

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How do you create the right digital solution across your business so it complements face to face through to self-serve...

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