Turning a digital strategy into client success

For many firms, and their clients, the need for a successful digital servicing and efficient advice solution will be key.

We believe the development of digital servicing will be as significant as the adoption of platforms over the past 10 years and as deep as the impact of RDR. Our solution will put you at the forefront of these developments.

Sentinel can help your business to re-engage with existing clients and to provide a superior servicing solution to a wider client base, by giving you access to our digital solutions, services and experts.

So, if you haven't been able to cost-effectively service some segments of your client base, and you recognise the need for a practical, 'joined-up' digital strategy to complement your existing approach, Sentinel can help.

Our solution

Our digital servicing framework enables you to deliver a broader proposition, bringing more assets under management and capturing new revenue opportunities. In addition to ongoing servicing, it comprises tools to communicate, educate and transact. So, your clients will better understand their finances, make significant savings, access innovative products and can interact with you in a number of different ways – telephone, online or a face to face meeting, full advice through to self-serve.

Our approach

Our solution has been developed in modules, so it can be shaped around your business needs to deliver a bespoke proposition that provides choice to your clients. These complement your existing systems, processes and infrastructure such as platforms, investment solutions or back office systems. And, as you'd expect, it is delivered on your behalf to your clients in the brand and style of your business and alongside your current proposition.

Our team can be your team

The Sentinel team is made up of specialists all of whom have many years of relevant market experience covering technology, platforms, distribution and digital marketing, as well as fully understanding traditional proposition offerings. Not only are they are all involved in the different implementation stages, they become part of your team – an extension of your own existing resources.

Saving time and money

Just as your clients benefit from cost and time-savings, your business can enjoy the same benefits. Our approach minimises the impact on your business and delivers a modern solution that is a time and cost-effective way to service your wider client base. We undertake all the work involved in implementing and enabling an ongoing digital servicing capability across your business.

7 reasons to partner with Sentinel

  1. Cost-effective engagement and ongoing service that delivers client success
  2. A practical, 'joined-up' digital strategy to complement your existing approach
  3. Digital tools that enable you to communicate, educate, service and transact
  4. Actionable data, personal content, relevant propositions, simple transactions
  5. Gives your clients more choice about when and how they interact with you
  6. 24/7 online digital service for your clients, including a unique Savings Centre
  7. A modern solution and a specialist team, an extension of your own resources

If you want to develop a successful and profitable, digitally enabled servicing model then we would love to talk to you.


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